Self Introduction of JA1VBN
@swiss,near Eiger ...  of  Kleine Scheidegg (スイスのクライネ・シャイデックのアイガー・ノルトヴァント(北壁)というレストランの近くからバックにアイガー北壁を望む

I was born in Chiba, Japan in Dankai-no-Sedai (Baby Boomer).
Now I live in Yokosuka, Kanagawa, JAPAN.
My major hobby is amateur radio (aka HAM Radio), Camera and Audio.
HAM station JA1VBN was started at 1965, and re started at 1999.
I got 3rd class licence in 2001, and got 2nd class licence in 2002, respectively.
Tnx FB DX 73 & 88 de JA1VBN

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