STAR... Fascination and Mystery.. (スターとは、その魅力と謎・・・)

STAR line up @1965_Electronics_Show  (1965年のエレクトロニクスショー、電波科学1965年12月から)
Brief History of STAR Company Updated 2001/04/08,06/24,2004/02/29
If you have more information about the STAR, please let me know...(スターについて情報をお持ちの方はどんな情報でも結構ですお寄せ下さい。写真も歓迎します。)
Thanks Mr. Yamamoto, JA9TTT/1 Mr. Kato, Mr. Tsuda, JA4JNR/9 Mr. Kurisu, JF1CMK Mr. Kobayashi helpful information about Star's unit and Star company ...

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Notes (Japanese)
1950 S-50A Kit form RF1, IF2, GT-Tubes - made by Fuji Seisakuzyo Company (later became Star Company) 富士製作所製
1952 S-51A Receiver
"Star Champion"
4 band 0.55 - 32 MHz - made by Fuji Seisakuzyo Company

Panel design was similar to Hallicrafters S-20R or S-52

1963 R-100
SR-100(K) :kit
2 Band 0.55 - 1.6, 3.5 - 12MHz
6BE6(conv), 6BA6(if), 6AV6(det,af), 6AR5(pa), SiDi(rect)
Kasai's SR-100
M151A2's SR-100
JA7BAL's SR-100 , Schematics
similar to Hallicrafters S-119 (  (1961-62)
JH1GVB's S-119
米ハリクラフターズのS-119 "Sky Buddy II"と似ている。同社のデザインと系列と異なる。スターからのOEMか
1963 SR-600(A) Triple Super RX
6BZ6 (rf) , 6EA8 (1st mix, osc), 6EA8 (2nd mix, osc), 6BA6 (2nd if), 6BE6 (3rd mix), 6BA6 (3rd if), 6BE6 (pro. det), 6AL5 (det, lim), 6AL5 (avc, bias), 6BM8 (af, pa), 6BZ6 (cal osc), Sidi x2 (rect)
My SR-600A
JF2NXS's SR-600: Link
mochi-p's SR-600: Link
WA7BIP's  SR-600 (Tnx Gray)
JA1VHZ's SR-600
first 1 kHz read-out model for amateur use in Japan 日本のアマチュア用の受信機としては最初の1 kHz直読みの受信機。78,000円
1963 SR-40 Single Super, 4 Band, 0.535 - 30 MHz
12BE6 (conv), 12BA6 (if), 12AV6 (det,af), 50C5, SR-12 (rect:Di)
- similar to Lafayette HE-40 -
Single Super RX, RF=1, IF=2, IF=1650 kHz, *1
6BA6 (rf), 6AU6 (mix), 12AU7 (lo, buf), 2 6BA6 (if), 6AV6 (det, avc, bfo), 6AL5 (det, anl), 6BM8 (af, pa)
SR-500X (Tnx JA8HCH) - -
1964 SR-550 Double Super RX, 1st IF: 1650 kHz, Single Xtal Fil, 2nd IF: 55 kHz
6BA6 (rf), 6AU6 (1st mix), 12AU7 (lo, buf), 6BE6 (2nd conv), 2 6BA6 (if), 6EA8 (prd det, bfo), 6AL5 (det, anl), 6BM8 (af, pa), VR-150MT (reg), 6AU6 (3.5MHz cal osc)
My SR-550
SR-550 (Tnx JG1LGM)
35,000 yen
able to version up from the SR-500
SR-500に55 kHzの第二IFを付加、SR-500からのバージョンアップキットあり
1965 SR-700(A)
HF Band Receiver
SR-700: Triple Super, similar to SR-600,
6BZ6 (rf), 6AE8 (1st mix, lo), 6AU6 (2nd mix), 6AE8 (2nd mix, lo), 2 6BA6 (if), 6EA8 (prd det, bfo), 6AL5 (det, anl), 6AU6 (af), 6MP18 (pa), VR-150MT (reg), 6BZ6 (100kHz cal osc)
My SR-700A

JF2NXS's SR-700A: Link
JF1VHX's SR-700A: Link
Hi Top SR-700 schematics Link
JA0EQL's SR-700A
JE6LVE's SR-700A
exported to World Wide
SR-700E: Export type?
1965 ST-700 (1966)
SSB Transmitter
6EA8 (mic), 6AQ8 (mod), 6DK6 (if), 6DK6 (1st mix), 6DK6 (2nd mix), 12BY7A (drv), 2 S2001(6146), 6EA8 (tone osc), 6EA8 (vox), VR-105MT (reg)
My ST-700E ST-700E: Export type SR-700とペアの送信機
1965 年のエレクトロニクス・ショーにて発表
? SR-150 Single Super, 4 Band, 0.54 - 30 MHz
12BE6 (conv), 12BA6 (if), 12AV6 (det, anl, af), 50C5 (pa)
Front , Rear , Tubes (Tnx Craig) similar to Hallicrafters S120 (HCA page) -
1965 SR-165 Single Super, IF: 1650 kHz, Single Xtal Fil, 5 Band, 535 - 1605 kHz, 1.8 - 4.0 MHz, 3.5 - 7.5 MHz, 7.0 - 15.0 MHz, 14.0 - 30 MHz, 6EA8 (mix, osc), 2 6BA6 (if), 6EA8 (bfo, prod.det), 6BN8 (am.det, anl, af), 6AQ5 (pa) SR-165 exported to USA as this Web page and able to get operating manual 米国にも輸出された
1965 年のエレクトロニクス・ショーにて発表
1967 SR-200 Single Super, 1.8 -2.0MHz, RF=1, IF=2, IF=1650 kHz *2
6BA6 (rf), 6AU6 (mix), 2 6BA6 (if), 6AQ8 (prd det, bfo), 6AL5 (det, anl), 6BM8 (af, pa), TR(3.5MHz cal)
My SR-200
mochi-p's SR-200: Link

Front , Top , Rear (Tnx JH2OHB)
JA1XEM SR-200/ST200 brochure
low price version of the SR-500
21,800 yen
exported to UK as this Web page
1968 ST-200 AM Transmitter JF1CMK's ST-200: Local can't transceive with SR-200
29,900 yen, put on sale from Yaesu Co.
周波数校正はヤエスのFL-50 (B)と同じ、発売はヤエス無線から
1966 ST-599 ST-700 10W output type?  ST-599

ST-700の10Wタイプか。発売されたかは不明(1965年のエレクトロニクス・ ショーにて発表)
1966 ST-333 10W AM Transmitter 1.8 - 54 MHz
12BY7A (osc), 12BY7A (drv), S2001(6146), 6AU6 (mic), 12AU7 (af), 2 7189A (mod pa)
ST-333 (Tnx JA8HCH)
JF1VHX's ST-333: Link
can be used with a SSB adapter -
? STR-500
Tube type Transceiver
2 6LQ6 (500W pep input)
STAR STR-500 Transceiver

? SM-50 50 MHz to 7 MHz Crystal converter
6AQ8 (rf), 6EA8 (mix,osc)
RF: 50 - 54 MHz, IF: 7 - 11 MHz
Front, Side (Tnx JA4LYP)
Brouchure (Tnx JA3MKS)

- この頃のクリコンの出力は7 MHzが主流か
? SP-7 Speaker box for Star 700 Series - - -
? SP-22 Speaker box for Star 200 Series - - -

*1 160m: 1.8 - 2.0 MHz, 80m: 3.5 - 4.0 MHz, 40m: 7.0 - 7.5 MHz, 20m: 14.0 - 14.5 MHz, 15m: 21.0 - 21.5 MHz, 10m: 28.0 - 30.0 MHz, 6m: 50 - 54 MHz, 30m: WWV 10.0 MHz *2 160m: 1.8 - 2.0 MHz, 80m: 3.5 - 4.0 MHz, 40m: 7.0 - 7.5 MHz, 20m: 14.0 - 14.5 MHz, 15m: 21.0 - 21.5 MHz, 10m: 28.0 - 30.0  Hz, 30m: WWV 10.0 MHz

Another info from the Internet News ...

After Star Company
Picture & Links
Notes (Japanese)
1966 Paros 22-TR 3.5 - 21 MHz pre-mix type transceiver (predecessor Yaesu FT-200) mochi-p's 22-TR: Link Made by Izumi Kogyo Company (developed by several members hired by Izumi Co. from Star Co.) made only 200 units スター社倒産後、数名の技術者が泉工業にて開発、わずか200程度しか製造されなかった。幻の機械
1968 FT-200 3.5 - 28 MHz pre-mix type transceiver HAM's MUSEUM: Link
JF2NXS's FT-200: Link
Yaesu Company (several members changed to Yaesu)  技術者が泉工業から再び八重洲無線に移籍し、HF帯のオールバンド機として発売、米国には Tempo-1として輸出
FT-200 : \69,800, FP-200 : \18,000

現在の存続会社:東和メックス株式会社ヒストリーに昭和21年(株)富士製作 所設立、昭和36年(株)スターに変更も

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